About Us

About Us

Interactive Software Limited – The Company

Since 1992, Interactive Software Limited has been implementing business critical solutions across a broad, eclectic customer base (including Public Sector, Education, Healthcare, Teaching Hospitals, Manufacturing and Not for Profit). The company’s aim is to understand each client’s individual requirements to implement a secure, robust and flexible solution that meets its needs and delivers tangible and intangible return on investment (ROI) without needing to develop custom software.

In early 2002 the company’s Achiever Medical product was designed, in conjunction with leading clinical and research staff from a number of University Hospitals in the UK and Germany, to address the data and process requirements of the medical research marketplace. With data auditing and security at its core, Achiever Medical was created to help clinical and laboratory staff manage, process and track samples whilst adhering to stringent data confidentiality regulations.

Since its original inception the product has continued to evolve with direct input from clinical and laboratory experts both in the UK and Europe-wide to incorporate the management of collaborative research projects, integration with barcode software and the management of complex data relationships that are required for storing tissue micro-arrays or multiple donors/recipients against a sample. This extended functionality has enabled the product to be used for comprehensive sample tracking and auditing as part of biobanks and biorepositories, in addition to being used as scalable laboratory information management system (LIMS).

In 2009 the company designed and developed its Stakeholder Management system for use in NHS Trusts for managing members and raising awareness and its Clinical Placements system adapted and extended from its original training course and apprenticeship management solution used extensively in Further and Higher Education establishments as well as within the Public Sector and private Training Providers.

Interactive Software’s focus and commitment to the Medical and Healthcare marketplace coupled with its willingness to engage with its customers help to ensure the Achiever Medical product continues to meet the needs of its customers.


Our Vision

Interactive Software’s vision is to:

  • Be the best at what we do through a committed and innovative team.
  • Lead the way in sector specific solutions by having a true a understanding of the problems customers face.
  • Ensure the company’s solutions are the foundation for each customer’s operational efficiency enabling their staff to ‘do more faster’.
  • Put knowledge transfer at the core for customers – to impart over nineteen years of sector expertise and database management experience from within our team of expert practitioners.
  • Develop a relationship where customers see the company as solution partners; to share best practice, ideas and innovate together.
  • Provide solutions that deliver value and provide return on investment (ROI) for customers.
  • Ensure risk is mitigated through being open and honest –  something that underpins the company’s project management methodology.
  • Work in partnership with each customer to meet needs and learn and improve solutions and services offered.