Clinical Research

Clinical Research

Ensuring your data is accurate, your samples are viable and your results are verifiable are essential when managing clinical trials and carrying out research.

Achiever Medical provides your laboratory with the functionality to manage data quality and integrity, an audit trail to help you assess the quality of your samples and a workflow tool to help map your processes into the solution, including managing the approvals process.

Optimise Research

Optimise research through software that meets evolving requirements

Sample Quality

Benefit from complete sample history to understand sample quality

Promote Quality

Promote adherence to quality standards and quality control automatically

Assess Sample Viability

Ensuring you are carrying out research on viable samples is essential when validating any results.  Achiever provides a comprehensive audit trail against each sample including complete details of storage location history (with a temperature audit),  sample check out history (when, by whom, how long and for what purpose) and sample processing history (with sample collection date/time, processed date/time).  A complete sample family history is also available for managing aliquots with related samples (including parent) accessible with a single click.


Maintaining Confidentiality

Confidentiality is not only critical when handling patient information but is also a legal requirement.  Achiever offers flexible, secure data protection options to restrict access to identifiable and sensitive information to authorised users only.  Data encryption routines encrypt data at source whilst data security filters only allow authorised users access to selected information within the system.


Managing Studies and Workloads

Define studies within the Achiever system and link team members along with their relevant roles.  Generate activities to create and manage workloads with a graphical calendar available to view team schedules.  Monitor and track equipment and consumables used.

Capture analyses and results along with any associated documentation and images.


“The NUHT biobank team then went through a full HTA audit within three days of go-live and received a glowing HTA assessment.

The quality of the donor, consent, storage and tissue viability data massively increases the value of the tissues to researchers.”