Clinical Data Management

Clinical Data Management

Storing data across multiple systems can compromise data integrity and quality due to information becoming segmented and duplicated.

Achiever Medical enables data and processes across multiple faculties and diverse disciplines to be integrated into a single solution. This provides authorised users with complete visibility of a donor/patient and allows a holistic approach to be taken. Security filters and tools within the Achiever solution ensure users only have access to information that their role requires and their security level allows.

Patient & Donor Data

Secure data released in a controlled manner and adhering to internal safety standards

Data Security

Increased knowledge of patients and donors through effective management of supplementary information

Enhanced Profiling

Build up timelines of information through changes to patient details for enhanced profiling


Capturing Patient/Donor Profile Information 

Capture detailed profile information against each patient/donor including personal information, associated institution and hospital reference numbers, preferences and habits (such as smoker, alcohol intake, sun exposure and level of activity), informed consent and ethnicity and diversity details (including gender).

Additional clinical information such as diagnoses, treatment and adverse effects is also captured against each patient for reference and analysis.  Multi-level diagnosis information can be stored in Achiever with links to standard diagnosis codes, such as ICD10 codes, available for selection.

Details of clinicians dealing with the patient/donor are also recorded for reference.

Managing Appointments, Assessments, Conferences and Follow Ups 

Plan, capture and manage appointments, assessments and follow ups with patients/donors using Achiever’s activity management functionality.  Graphical drag and drop schedulers provide clinicians and authorised administrators with a quick, at a glance view of individual or team diaries for effective resource and patient/donor management.

Record details of the appointment outcome, enter any notes and link associated documentation including scanned, signed forms.

Manage patient/donor conferences involving multiple clinicians; tracking attendance and non-attendance, outcome, notes and associated documentation, such as agendas, presentations and findings.

Multi-Disease Management

Whether dealing with one disease or multiple diseases, Achiever offers the tools to capture and manage disease specific information including recording disease specific data, diagnosis, treatment, assessments and follow ups.

Security permissions determine which users can view specific disease information against a patient/donor.  In addition, enhanced customisation tools provide trained Achiever system administrators with the ability to add new data fields and tables to capture additional information about a single disease or multiple diseases as well as define new disease data.


“The NUHT biobank team then went through a full HTA audit within three days of go-live and received a glowing HTA assessment.

The quality of the donor, consent, storage and tissue viability data massively increases the value of the tissues to researchers.”