Laboratory Information Management Software Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis

Making your information work for you is critical to your institute’s success. Achiever Medical includes a suite of reports to help you analyse your sample data, identify gaps and review current workload.

Graphical reports and charts help your laboratory to track sample usage, monitor team and individual workload and performance, and manage quality control. Biobanks and biorepositories can also view current sample levels including identifying low levels of specific sample types.

Actionable Insights

Log samples rapidly

Fast Reporting

Automate data and sample processing deliver inbuilt auditing

Data Analysis

Integrate with barcode scanners and label printers


Microsoft Reporting Services Integration 

Integrated with Microsoft Reporting Services, Achiever supports reports in graphical (such as pie charts and columns) and listing format. Output reports to a variety of formats including printing to screen, Microsoft Excel, PDF and XML.

Drill down into graphical reports to view detailed data and actual database records.

Display reports on dashboards for quick access by managers and board members, the Reports Menu and individual screens for record level profile information, such as a Current Project Summary Details Report.

Apply permissions to reports to restrict access to authorised roles only to those reports containing sensitive information.

Define parameters against individual reports to allow users to filter reports to show specific or general information

Robust Query Builder

In addition, Achiever’s sophisticated query builder tool allows authorised users to generate queries across data held within the system which can be saved for use by selected teams and the output, where the user is authorised, exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and segmentation.


“The NUHT biobank team then went through a full HTA audit within three days of go-live and received a glowing HTA assessment.

The quality of the donor, consent, storage and tissue viability data massively increases the value of the tissues to researchers.”