Security and Data Encryption

Security and Data Encryption

When dealing with personal patient and donor information your institution must ensure that only those with the appropriate access rights are able to view and edit data, run processes and access documentation. Achiever Medical provides a range of security and data encryption tools to help protect your data from unauthorised access.

Data Protection

Remove doubt when managing sensitive data manually

Data Security

Confidence in knowing systems are secure and sensitive data is protected

Best Practice

Ensure internal standards for managing secure data are enforced


Project Role Permissions and Security 

Roles defined at project level (for example, biobank, biorepository, clinical trials and studies) determine the users’ access levels to both processes (including sample creation and check in/out processes) and data (whether patient names and informed consent forms are available).

Restrict Data Insert/Update/Delete Access 

Achiever provides ‘point and click’ tools to authorised Achiever system administrators to restrict general system insert/update and delete permissions across all data tables.  This allows Achiever system administrators to quickly create new user access (such as the creation of read-only profiles) whilst ensuring the appropriate security permissions are in place.

Restrict Data and Process Access

Restrict access to selected information using Achiever’s standard data security filters whilst workflow permissions restrict access to selected processes.


“The NUHT biobank team then went through a full HTA audit within three days of go-live and received a glowing HTA assessment.

The quality of the donor, consent, storage and tissue viability data massively increases the value of the tissues to researchers.”